Click N Collect – why is such a simple concept so hard to implement?

Click N Collect (or Click & Collect and Click and Collect) is a fairly simple concept that in my experience has not been implemented well by any Australian retailer and it appears they have not bothered to put any thought into how the service will operate. None of the Click N Collect services that I’ve […]

Australia Post’s Parcel Locker system in operation

Continued from The Packstation comes to Australia Post or does it? The day the system went live I had a parcel arrive, both an SMS and email arrived at the same time. The SMS contained the Locker and Access Code along with the collection date, similar to the information in the email which was more verbose. […]

The Packstation comes to Australia Post or does it?

I’ve long been interested in the DHL Packstation run by DHL Parcel Germany which provides automated booths for self service collection and dispatch of packages via Deutsche Post and express deliveries from DHL Express Germany. Currently there are nearly 3000 packstations throughout Germany and the DHL goal is that no-one will live more then 10 […]

McGills Business and Technical Bookstore – Brisbane store closed

McGills last remaining bookstore has closed, McGills in Brisbane followed their Melbourne store which closed it’s doors on June the 5th 2009 after 149 years and now Brisbane closed it’s doors on Thursday the 7th of July 2011. The Melbourne store closing was covered in the media Read it and weep: old McGills closes its […]

Power Saving device scams – they don’t save electricity nor do they reduce your power bill

The local free magazine had the local PoolMart pushing a GO4GREEN EnergySmart device with promises that it will save you up to 10% on your power bills. I had hoped that after the Earthwise PowerSavers device promoted by A Current Affair (ACA) and Today Tonight in January 2011 was exposed as being unable to meet […]

Purchasing Isopropyl Alcohol in Australia (aka IPA, rubbing alcohol, propan-2-ol, 2-propanol and isopropanol)

Isopropyl Alcohol also known as IPA, rubbing alcohol, propan-2-ol, 2-propanol and isopropanol is an incredibly handy solvent and cleaner. Do not confuse it with the cheaper propan-1-ol or 1-propanol as this damages plastics unlike Isopropyl Alcohol. Anything above 99% is suitable for most of the uses I’ve listed, the purer the better. It can be used for cleaning […]

Boycott the retailers pushing for GST on online overseas purchases

Retailers started complaining about the $1000 GST threshold on overseas goods imported by private individuals back in November 2010 and threw around many false and misleading claims to back up their position. Retailers call for GST on overseas sales In January the group of retailers grew and they have now launched advertising in the press […]

Importing a Google Nexus phone to Australia (and other countries)

Google released it’s first phone the Nexus One phone on January 5 for sale via it’s webstore however with the restriction that only four countries could purchase it (USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK). Google won’t confirm when Australia will be able to purchase but it’s likely to be later this year and revolves […]