Osram Decostar 51 Energy Saver Halogen Dichroic Reflector Lamps GU5,3

The Osram IRC range of lamps were released a few years ago but have been both hard to get in Australia and expensive. I’ve been paying around AUD$13 for each lamp and having to buy online as other than the electrical wholesalers they’re not stocked by retailers who instead tend to stock the no name […]

Setting up Data and MMS on your Android using Crazy Johns Vodafone network

To avoid the problems with Optus and Virgin mobile deliberately blocking access to Google paid apps a move to Vodafone was called for however Vodafone don’t have any cheap plans that include a decent amount of data, the only choice for cheap plans is a 200mb add on pack otherwise you need to start looking […]

Importing a Google Nexus phone to Australia (and other countries)

Google released it’s first phone the Nexus One phone on January 5 for sale via it’s webstore however with the restriction that only four countries could purchase it (USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK). Google won’t confirm when Australia will be able to purchase but it’s likely to be later this year and revolves […]

VMware vSphere ESX Virtual Machine Locked Process Problem

Whilst renaming a server the error message “Another task is already in progress” appeared. Checking Tasks & Events shows an operation timed out earlier in the morning when creating a snapshot of the server for a backup. Powering off the server was also met with the same error as was the resetting the server. Migration […]