Pfand Questions and Answers on compulsory deposits in Germany

As of 1 January, 2003 deposits on one-way drinks packaging is compulsory. Since 1 May 2006 this has applied to mineral water, beer, soft drinks and mixed alcoholic drinks. The deposit system has increased the reusable share and put an end to the throwaway mentality. Below is a summary of the main aspects of the […]

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) – Idiocracy in upgrading personalised plates to European plates

Changing over a standard personalised plate to a Euro plate sounds pretty straightforward, five minutes on the PPQ website and it’s all done right? Nope. What is the difference between these two plates as far as readability goes? Nothing so why can’t you directly upgrade from one to the other?           […]

ALDI Bauhn FAKE 4K WiFi Action Camera SCAM from ALDI Australia with paid FAKE media articles, reviews and news

Various articles in ads have caught my eye saying that ALDI have developed their own action camera that rivals the GoPro and similar cameras for a fraction of the price. Knowing that ALDI generally slap their logo on anything from China they can make money on I was intrigued especially knowing the number of fake […]

Does Free for life mean Free for life? Not to SugarSync it doesn’t

One of my favourite online storage services SugarSync announced on the 10th of December 2013 that they were dropping all their free accounts and you had until the 8th of February 2014 to pay for the service or your account would be deleted along with any data attached to it. Their press release can be […]

Click N Collect – why is such a simple concept so hard to implement?

Click N Collect (or Click & Collect and Click and Collect) is a fairly simple concept that in my experience has not been implemented well by any Australian retailer and it appears they have not bothered to put any thought into how the service will operate. None of the Click N Collect services that I’ve […]

Moving WordPress from shared hosting to a VPS – requests credentials for updates

I recently moved this wordpress installation from a reseller cpanel installation to a virtual private server (VPS) using a cpanel full backup and restoration. Everything went smoothly until I decided to update wordpress and was greeted with the following message. To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your […]

Australia Post’s Parcel Locker system in operation

Continued from The Packstation comes to Australia Post or does it? The day the system went live I had a parcel arrive, both an SMS and email arrived at the same time. The SMS contained the Locker and Access Code along with the collection date, similar to the information in the email which was more verbose. […]

The Packstation comes to Australia Post or does it?

I’ve long been interested in the DHL Packstation run by DHL Parcel Germany which provides automated booths for self service collection and dispatch of packages via Deutsche Post and express deliveries from DHL Express Germany. Currently there are nearly 3000 packstations throughout Germany and the DHL goal is that no-one will live more then 10 […]

McGills Business and Technical Bookstore – Brisbane store closed

McGills last remaining bookstore has closed, McGills in Brisbane followed their Melbourne store which closed it’s doors on June the 5th 2009 after 149 years and now Brisbane closed it’s doors on Thursday the 7th of July 2011. The Melbourne store closing was covered in the media Read it and weep: old McGills closes its […]