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  1. Adam Gross

    Matt, just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. Ran into a similar situation in our environment and this did the trick with zero impact as promised. Thank you again.


  2. Sam

    Hi Matt
    I bought some Diggers IPA, and I am using it on a smelly old amplifer pcb to clean. I noticed there is no specs on the percent with Diggers. How did the Element14 IPA go?


  3. Post author


    The Element 14 one is around 99.99 percent pure and the new ones come in plastic bottles not the tin and are the same.

    You should be able to find the percentage out from the MSDS for the Diggers IPA, I checked their product page and product PDF and neither listed the percentage for some reason but the MSDS confirms that it’s above 99% – http://www.recochem.com.au/files/downloads/Isopropyl_Alcohol_v5.pdf.

    Here is one that is only 70% – http://www.perrigo.com.au/upload/product/document/ISO01836F_MSDS.pdf.

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