Package Forwarding Companies

Package forwarding services allow you to purchase items from companies/stores that do not ship out of their country. The way they work is simple, you sign up for the service and receive an address to use (see example below), you order the product using this address and the product(S) are sent to this address, the package shipping company notify you that you have a package and supply a quote and before you know it you have a delivery.

Most of them offer personal shopper services where they buy the product for if there are restrictions on the sale of a product for example.

These are a few that I’ve either dealt with or had good feedback on.


  • Sales Tax Applicable (~6%) on all delivery shipped there.
  • Customer service is both good and bad.
  • $10 joining fee (minimum)
  • Shipping costs ok on cheapest membership.

Example Address.

John Smith
1903 60th Place E.
Suite M9999
Bradenton, Florida 34203
John Smith
1903 60th Place E.
Suite M9999
Bradenton, Florida 34203


  • No Sales Tax Applicable
  • Customer service apparantly ok
  • No joining fee
  • Shipping costs good

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  1. Here’s a workaround I use………….

    When you sign up with BPM, you get local shipping addresses in 6 countries.
    Drop points include: USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. You then use these for buying from whom you want, regardless of where the seller ships or not.

    You then have all your purchases combined into one, even from the different countries, and use the parcel mail forwarding service to have everything sent home in only one shipment, wherever you are in the world!

    Membership for renting these addresses and using the service is only 5€ per month.
    You can check it out on

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