Australia Post’s Parcel Locker system in operation

The original lockers installed at the Brisbane GPO
The original lockers installed at the Brisbane GPO

Continued from The Packstation comes to Australia Post or does it?

The day the system went live I had a parcel arrive, both an SMS and email arrived at the same time. The SMS contained the Locker and Access Code along with the collection date, similar to the information in the email which was more verbose.

Subject: Parcel to collect for Matthew McDonald (C1099) Parcel ID n/a

Hello Matthew

You have a parcel awaiting collection at the Brisbane City Parcel Lockers.

Parcel ID n/a
Date/Time 17 October 2011 7:02 AM
Current Status Awaiting Collection at Brisbane City Parcel Lockers
Location 261 Queen Street
Brisbane City QLD 4000
Locker C1
Access code 172959
Access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
Time to Collect 20 October 2011 7:02 AM

Important: You will need both the locker number and access code with you when collecting your parcel. If you cannot collect it within 2 working days the article will be removed from the Parcel Locker and placed at the over the counter parcel pick up area at the same site for collection between Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM to 1:30PM.

Kind regards,
Australia Post

For more information go to
Please note that this is an automatically generated email – replies will not be answered

Arrived at the post office as a few packages were being loaded, they use the same touch screen but go into a different menu that allows them to scan or manually enter the packages, they entered the locker number (customer number), chose a locker to put the parcel into, that lockers button illuminated and pops open, the parcel is inserted and the button pressed to lock the locker.

There was a guy helping the Australia Post employee load the parcels (I assume from the locker supplier) and he congratulated me for being the first to use the lockers.

You enter the locker number and access code, the locker pops open and the area around the button on the locker illuminates. After you remove the package you close the locker but you have to press the button or the locker does not lock and you don’t receive the notification that your parcel was picked up, I assume there is a timeout as the screen was still displaying my pickup until that button was pressed. The guy mentioned that they will need to put some signage up to let you know that you have to press the button in.

After collection you receive an email and an SMS

Subject: Parcel collected for Matthew McDonald (C1) Parcel ID n/a

Hello Matthew

Thank you for collecting your parcel from the Brisbane City Parcel Lockers.

ParcelID n/a
Date/Time 17 October 2011 9:12 AM
Current Status Collected from Brisbane City Parcel Lockers

We hope you are enjoying the convenience of using an Australia Post Parcel locker.

Kind regards,
Australia Post

For more information go to
Please note that this is an automatically generated email – replies will not be answered

My second parcel arrived on Monday the 24th of October however I didn’t receive an email and SMS to advise me but a phone call saying the touchscreen was broken and the system was unavailable. My options were pickup from the registered mail counter or wait for the system to be fixed. If they do keep the system they will want to make sure there is at least one other touch screen available so the system can keep working.

There have been a number of malfunctions with the system that I heard about from Australia Post staffers including

  • Six touchscreens in the country but only two working at one stage.
  • A customer putting his code in to open his locker had all the lockers open.

In February a marketing company contacted me to complete a survey which I did, I found at least some of the questions to be poorly worded and with insufficient options (for example they didn’t take into account that GPO Box holders would want to use this service).

Apart from that there has been zero contact from Australia Post regarding if the box numbers we have been assigned are still continuing.

According to the Australia Post website the locker trial is still running, the Parcel Locker Terms & Condition state that it’s a 3 month trial which can be extended or cancelled at any time.

The Service is being conducted by Us as a trial. It is intended to run for three (3) months but We may decide to change this time period or end the trial at any time. We will advise you by email and SMS when the trial is over. During the trial, the Service will be free for you to use.

However another page on their website now says this is a 12 month extended trial.

Find out how a Parcel Locker can make your life easier by giving it a try – and right now it’s free when you join our extended trial.

  • We intend to run the free trial for 12 months. When you register, you agree that we can ask you what you think of the service. Of course you don’t have to respond to our survey, but we are interested in hearing your views.
  • We will advise you by email and SMS when the trial is over.

Rumour around the post office is that the trial has been a bit of a failure and Australia Post can’t work out how to charge for the service but are committed to it now. This would explain why the trial has been extended for another 12 months.

Changes to Delivery
January 2013

Email received 27th of November 2012

As you may be aware, Australia Post is adding more 24 / 7 Parcel Locker locations across Australia following the success of its recent trial. We are now in the process of establishing an extensive network of Parcel Lockers at 250 locations nation-wide over the next two years.


From 1 January 2013, only parcels which are sent using Australia Post or its subsidiary, StarTrack will be delivered into our Parcel Lockers. Carriers who choose not to use Australia Post or StarTrack to send parcels into our Parcel Lockers have been advised to contact the sender or customer to organise an alternative delivery address.


For information about what happens when a parcel addressed to a Parcel Locker is sent using another carrier, please see the FAQ Can carriers other than Australia Post deliver parcels to the 24/7 Parcel Lockers?.


Where possible, we advise you to check online which shipping provider or carrier is delivering your goods, to ensure your parcel can be delivered to your Parcel Locker address.


The terms and conditions of the Parcel Locker service have been updated to reflect the processes applicable to Parcel Lockers. To read the updated terms and conditions, please click here.


We trust you will continue to enjoy the convenience of using Australia Post’s Parcel Lockers as we add more locations around Australia in the coming months.


Similar setup to the Brisbane GPO
Similar setup to the Brisbane GPO

Replacement Lockers
March 2013

In May 2012 the original supplier of the Parcel Lockers was informed they had not won the tender to supply Australia Post. Pitney Bowes was the lead on the project along with TZ Ltd indicated that it was pricing and failure to integrate the system into the Australia Post network that caused them to lose the contract. More information is here.

Neopost ID is supplying the new lockers for Australia Post with 48 by the end of the 2012 and 250 by the end of 2013 (I assume they mean locations?) at a cost of around 11 million Australian dollars over a unspecified multi year period.

Email dated the 27th of February 2013

Hello Matthew,


We will be upgrading the Brisbane GPO Parcel Lockers, commencing 3:00PM on Friday 1st March 2013. The upgrade is expected to be completed within 48 hours.


This is part of our plans to add more Parcel Lockers across Australia over the next two years and this includes replacing trial lockers with new ones. After the upgrade, you will receive new instructions on how to collect at the new lockers whenever a parcel arrives for you.


If a parcel for you is in a locker when we commence the upgrade, or if a parcel arrives for you while the service is unavailable, you may collect these parcels over the counter at the Brisbane GPO, open Mon – Fri: 7:00AM – 6:00PM, Sat: 10:00AM – 1.30PM. Alternatively, we will load your parcels into the lockers once the upgrade is complete; new Access codes will be advised.


We trust you will continue to enjoy the convenience of using Australia Post’s Parcel Lockers as we add more lockers around Australia in the coming months.

Email dated the 6th of March 2013

Hello Matthew,


The upgrade of the Parcel Lockers at the Brisbane GPO Parcel Lockers has been completed. Thank you for your patience.


Please note that these lockers work differently to previous Parcel Lockers at this location. To collect a parcel from the Brisbane GPO Parcel Lockers, you will need to enter your Parcel Locker Customer ID C1 (which is unchanged) and a one-off access code.


Your Parcel Locker address is unchanged:

Matthew McDonald

Parcel Locker C1

261 Queen Street

Brisbane QLD 4000


To change your details or view any parcels in a locker awaiting collection, please sign in to your account.


Sign in

Please note for quality assurance and security, when your parcel arrives at your Parcel Locker address, we validate your name and Parcel Locker Customer ID. Once your details are confirmed we email and SMS you a one-off access code to open the locker. You will get a new access code each time you use the Parcel Locker service.


For more information about Australia Post Parcel Lockers including location maps and terms and conditions, please click here to visit the Australia Post Parcel Lockers page.


We hope you enjoy the convenience of using Australia Post Parcel Lockers.

Address Change and Software Change
March 2013

Email dated the 18th of March 2013

Dear Matthew


We are upgrading the software that supports our 24/7 Parcel Lockers in order to give you even more choice and control over when and where you receive your parcel.


The upgrade will allow you to register for multiple Parcel Locker locations. It will also allow you to access My Deliveries, our handy online tool, to track and manage all your parcel deliveries.


Following the upgrade scheduled for later this month, your Parcel Locker Customer ID will be replaced with a 10 digit Australia Post Customer Number and your Parcel Locker address will change accordingly.


If you are already a registered user of My Deliveries or have arranged a mail re-direction online, you will have an existing Australia Post Customer Number which will replace your Parcel Locker Customer ID.


You will receive an email with details of your Australia Post Customer Number and new Parcel Locker address after the upgrade. From this time, please use your new Parcel Locker address when shopping online or arranging for a parcel to be delivered to you.


We are working to ensure that this transition is smooth and seamless.


Thank you for supporting our 24/7 Parcel Lockers. Should you have any queries or feedback regarding this information please contact [email protected]

Email dated the 23rd of March 2013

Dear Matthew


We have upgraded the software that supports our 24/7 Parcel Lockers. The upgrade allows you to register for multiple Parcel Locker locations and access My Deliveries, our handy online tool for tracking and managing your parcel deliveries.


You now have an Australia Post Customer Number, which replaces your Parcel Locker Customer ID. Your Parcel Locker address has also changed accordingly.


Please start using your new Parcel Locker address below for future parcel deliveries:


Matthew McDonald

Parcel Locker CN 10012 34567

261 Queen Street

Brisbane QLD 4000


When collecting your parcel, you will need to use your new Australia Post Customer Number

10012 34567 and follow these simple steps:


Enter the last 5 digits of your new Australia Post Customer Number (APCN)

Enter the one-off access code sent to you for that delivery.

Your APCN can also be entered by swiping the barcode below in front of the Parcel Locker scanner.

You can scan your barcode from your smartphone or a printed copy of this email.


Login to your new Australia Post account to view our online services;


Please login here


You will be required to provide a password the first time you login, for security reasons.

Please use the password reset functionality to set a password for your new account.


For more information on the upgrade, please click here.

Have further questions? Please contact [email protected]


We hope you continue to enjoy the convenience of using Australia Post Parcel Lockers.

The format of the email when you have a package to collect is

Hello Matthew McDonald,


You have a parcel to collect at the BRISBANE GPO PARCEL LOCKER.


Parcel Locker location: 261 QUEEN STREET


Access code:


Access: Click here for access and location details

Please collect by:09:48AM on Wed 06 Nov

Please follow the on screen prompts to collect your parcel:


Scan your Australia Post Customer Number or enter the last five digits of your Australia Post Customer Number. (Your Australia Post Customer Number was emailed to you as a barcode when you registered for the Parcel Locker service and is also the number you use when you address your parcels for delivery to your Parcel Locker).

Then scan the barcode or enter the access code above

If you do not collect your parcel by the time advised it will be moved from the Parcel Locker to the over-the-counter parcel pick up area at BRISBANE GPO POST SHOP.

April 2014

So far around 30 packages delivered with only a few occasions when I needed to pick up my parcel from inside the post office, one of these was an upgrade and the other was a failure. I have seen a number of irate people who have been unable to get their parcels out either due to a failure of the system or no-one trained on hand to assist them.

Since the change to the system in early 2013 you need to have two codes or barcodes, one is your customer number and the other the access code which means opening two emails if you want to type these in or scan them from your smartphone/printout.

The old system sent both your locker number (where your parcel is located) and a six digit access code. This wasn’t too bad except the locker number is in the format B7 so required you to enter the locker character first before pressing a few keys to bring up numeric and finally entering your access code.

I would prefer a single email that I need to scan to open the locker, maybe they could have a pin number you enter for ease of use.

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  1. great site. thanks for the coverage. they are just putting one system in perth. heard that theyve ordered hundreds more and the new ones will scan your phone. everyone here is raving about them but I also had a problem with them last year but never any issue since then.

  2. Matthew, realise I’m resurrecting an old post, but have you seen our personal parcel lockers? My Parcel Box is a secure unit you place near your front door for couriers and Australia Post to place parcel in
    Eliminates the inconvenience of having to go somewhere and collect a parcel you paid to have delivered to your home.

  3. Hi, I didn’t receive sms or email containing 6 digit code and my item had been received yesterday. I also did not add my unique locker number to my posting address. what can I do now? should I wait till they send my item to nearest post office? can I take my item from post without that 6-digit code?

  4. Hi, I would call the post office and let them know so they can either have the parcel ready for collection over the counter or they will put the parcel into a locker and send you the details for pickup. I don’t know if they will match your name to a parcel box number.

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