McGills last remaining bookstore has closed, McGills in Brisbane followed their Melbourne store which closed it’s doors on June the 5th 2009 after 149 years and now Brisbane closed it’s doors on Thursday the 7th of July 2011.

The Melbourne store closing was covered in the media

Read it and weep: old McGills closes its book

Melbourne newsagency McGills to shut

The Brisbane closing was without warning*, they packed up on Thursday after a period of initially a 20% off sale which was increased to a 30% off sale soon after. Their website only states that Weborders are no longer available.

*I suspected something was going on after the 20% off became a 30% off sale and decided to visit the store and use up my remaining membership reward dollars on discounted books, ended up paying only $8 for nearly $200 worth of books but it was an effort to find useful books. The girl that served me told me I had to use up all my points as they have to close my rewards account. Their website shows that Rewards are not longer available.

This leaves a large gap now in technical books in Australia, I don’t know of anywhere else that has the range of books that McGills kept so I guess I’ll buy ebooks or physical books from overseas. I’m surprised that McGills were not able to continue to operate as a webstore in particular for corporate clients, their website no longer allows weborders (their catalog returns a blank screen) and refers you to the Brisbane store.

And the Southbank Institute of Tafe store has been renamed from McGill SBIT to Campion Bookstore.

I’ve contacted Campion to ask if McGills is gone permanently or if they will be coming back as an online retailer and Campion has responded saying that “Unfortunately, Mcgills has ceased in all aspects including online.” so that’s it for McGills.

At least I have my Safari Books Online account to fall back to, perhaps this is the future of books and physical bookstores no longer have a place?

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