Purchasing Isopropyl Alcohol in Australia (aka IPA, rubbing alcohol, propan-2-ol, 2-propanol and isopropanol)

Isopropyl Alcohol also known as IPA, rubbing alcohol, propan-2-ol, 2-propanol and isopropanol is an incredibly handy solvent and cleaner. Do not confuse it with the cheaper propan-1-ol or 1-propanol as this damages plastics unlike Isopropyl Alcohol. Anything above 99% is suitable for most of the uses I’ve listed, the purer the better.

It can be used for

  • cleaning contact connections such as on electrical devices and in cars
  • cleaning tape and disk heads (floppy drives, tape players, video cassette records, tape drives)
  • cleaning laser lenses (cd/dvd/bluray drives)
  • cleaning CPUs before applying thermal grease (also useful for removing old thermal grease)
  • cleaning mobile phones (smart phones, pdas)
  • cleaning LCD monitors (may damage some types of screens)
  • cleaning negatives
  • a release agent for glues (for example hot melt glue used in paintless dent removal)
  • and many more

Obtaining Isopropyl Alcohol in Australia however is getting harder partially due to it’s use in the manufacture of illicit drugs, chemists used to be able to supply 100% pure at a reasonable price and some outlets like Dick Smith Electronics used to sell Helmar ISO PRO which was 99.7% but no longer do carry it. Jaycar Electronics carry a 50% and finally a 99.8% concentration.

After looking around I found the following for a decent price and ended up ordering from element 14.

element14 (was Farnell)

Isopropyl Alcohol 99.7% – 1 litre for $16.65 (delivery free for online orders)

Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% – 500 ml

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% – 1 litre

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% – 5 litres for $54.00 (delivery to Brisbane $22.00)

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% – 20 litres

GNB Salon Supplies

Isopropyl Alcohol 100% – 1 litre for $13.99 (delivery $12-15)

Places that I’ve heard stock it

Altronics has 2L containers for under $40.

Prime Electronics in Brisbane

Electrolube Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% 500 ml for $12.38

Electrolube Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% 1 litre for $18.24

Electrolube Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% 5 litre for $64.34

Electrolube Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% 20 litre for $228.79

sells 20 litre drums for $144 (part number CHELISO020)

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  1. My wife’s a makeup artist and we’ve been looking for a good place to get IPA cheap to use for on-the-job sterilising and brush cleaner. This is great info! Thank you 🙂

  2. I also found 99%+ IPA from an Australian supplier called Chemtools (I think they are in NSW)
    These are their listed prices
    250ml – $8.00
    1 Litre – $9.00
    5 Litres – $24.00
    20 Litres – $80.00

  3. amc ,44 gal is $500 bucks and delivered to sunny coast qld is a total of 830,does anybody know who can beat that

  4. I was just at the Vic Market Chemist shop – $11.95 for a 345 ml bottle. Very expensive. In Manila, this only costs around PHP 60 = AUD $ 1.65. That’s only 14% the cost, and there are many choices at any grocery/store. When I asked for Isopropyl alcohol, the chemist at the shop had to look for it at one of the back shelves and took her a while to find it. I like rubbing alcohol as a general body cleanser / disinfectant. But maybe there are other better options at this price point.

  5. I would like to buy some in the mornning if someone could call me to help me buy some please my name is aaron l dont have a email address my no is 0421787536

  6. @Ke Thorn
    Thank you for the reference to Myla, I will call them as they are local and the product is priced well.

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