Google Apps for my domain (GAFYD), Android Market, Google Checkout and the Google Account

If you have a Google Apps for my domain (GAFYD) and a google account that you created which uses the same email address as that account you will run into the problems on any Android platform of being unable to purchase apps, link your Picasa account to your Android and so forth The right belize resorts meant for tourist who enjoy pets, animal spotting and active situations along with the natural world..

My Nexus One is configured with [email protected] as my login to my GAFYD account and also my Google account that has AdSense, Checkout, Docs, Picasa Web Albums, iGoogle, Google Chrome Bookmark Sync, Sites, Talk and Webhistory which has the same email address configured. Attempts to purchase an app sees you put in your google checkout acount which is [email protected] and a different password to my GAFYD account of the same name. Andoid accepts this and asks you if you want to sync Contacts, Calendar and Gmail, if you don’t select them it won’t sync your data anymore with your GAFYD account as the Android has seen the primary email address and assumed it is the existing account.

So I created a second email address ([email protected]) that forwards to my main email ([email protected]) and added this as a second address to my Google account. Tried again the same problem existed belize resorts.

The next step was to change my email address assigned to my Google account by selecting “Change email” under manage account to [email protected] after removing it as the secondary email address. After confirming the change I was able to purchase the app in one easy step!

After testing Picasa on the Nexus One was working I added a second email address to the Google account using my original [email protected] and after verifying that can be used to sign back in to Picasa on your computer. Picasa does display the [email protected] at the top however this means you can still sign back in to your Google account with your [email protected] email.

Original Setup:

New Setup

On the Android Device under Settings and Accounts & Sync Settings there are two accounts

[email protected]

  • Sync Picasa Web Albums

[email protected]

  • Sync Contracts
  • Sync Calendar
  • Sync Gmail

So far so good, everything seems to work with no problems!

Further information on the problem which appears like it won’t be addressed any time soon can be found on the following posts

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  1. hi Matthew

    I found your post as I was trying to rationalise my GAFYD account and my gmail/google account and my HTC Desire.

    I do not quite understand what you mean by these 2 accounts
    * Google Apps for my domain (GAFYD): [email protected]
    * Google Account: [email protected]

    As far as I understand it, google does not let you have a GAFYD and google account that have the same email address.
    how have you achieved this?



  2. This is exactly the situation I’m in (and have been in with other Google service, because Google has not seen fit to introduce a system-wide, fully-functional GAFYD account).

    Great to see your account here, but I’m concerned…

    Both my GAFYD and my Google accounts are mail at robert andrews dot co dot uk.

    On, when I re-enter that address as the New E-mail Address, just to test, Google says: “A user with the email you specified already exists.”

    I’m curious as to whether Google is referring to a) this Google Account itself, b) my Google Apps account or, c) another Google Account I’ve created with that same email address and forgotten about.

    I have indeed created some other accounts in the past which may be associated with that email address. But I have no idea how to find them and, of course, the password retrieval process – just like Google’s support – is little help.

    Any ideas please? I wanted to test this before going in and removing this address as my Google Account’s primary address, just in case I lose the ability to use that address with that account. And it looks like a good job I did!

  3. Hi, Google changed recently and won’t allow you have the email address used as you said so I’ve now got a new setup

    Google Apps: [email protected]
    Google Account: [email protected]

    And everything seems to be working fine, not entirely satisfied with the multiple account but it works fine and I haven’t had any problems so far.

  4. The following worked for me:
    1. Login with a [email protected] account as primary e-mail account
    2. Download an app using app store, this should work
    3. Delete the [email protected]
    4. add your [email protected]

    Somewhere i suspect you col skip step 2. , but i did it anyway.

    After these steps my android market worked using my google for my domain e-ail address. I only was missing android market functionality, so if you want to use some picasa functionality try the procedure in the article.

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