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The Holden Piazza, Isuzu Piazza and Isuzu Impulse are all the same car with different names areound the world, this site mainly looks after the Holden Piazza (The Australian Version) of the car that Isuzu made in Japan.

Holden Piazza was shown to the world at the 1979 Geneva Motor Show as the Giugiaro-penned Ace of Clubs. Wheel's magazine dubbed it "Holden's Coupe for the 80's" in a cover story in the same year. The Piazza when it went into production in 1981 had a choice of twin-cam or single overhead cam versions of Isuzu's two litre iron block alloy head in-line four, DOHC version got the microcomputer controlled fuel injection while the SOHC version had Bosch L-Jetronic injection. The latter is the version that made it to Australia finally in 1986 when ULP was finally available. It came standard with a IHI turbo set to 7 Psi which was both water cooled and intercooled.

Unfortunately the main problem with the Australian Piazza was the local Holden engineers leant towards comfort and bump steer, roll oversteer, understeer and alarming nose dive under brakes were all evident. In the car with such brisk performance this made the car a handful. Just by changing the front shocks to heavy duty gas solved many of these problems and after a few months Holden finally sorted out the problems with reworked suspension and a large price drop (below).

The styling at the time of launch in Australia was very strong, even after eight years after Giugiaro presented it to Isuzu. Body panels are flat and door frames wrap up and over the roof as part of the aerodynamic treatment for a 0.36 Cd. The wheel base is long for the car which is around the size of the Alfa GTV. A single windscreen wiper that is road speed variable and has three speeds and intermittent operation graces the front windscreen.

Driver and front seat passenger sit in plush bucket seats with heaps of asjustments. Theres even adjustable lateral support bolsters. The driver looks theu a steeply raked windscreen and cannot see most of the bonnet.

Standard Stereo was excellent with an electronic AM/FM stereo radio cassette player, complete with seven stage graphic equaliser, four speakers and dour way balance control. Antenna was printed on the rear window.

The gearchange is excellent and along with the excellent pedal placement makes for a really exhilarating drive.

Instruments are fully digital with over 20 independent warning lights.

Wheels (I think) said "On good roads and in capable hands the car will thrill a lot of people, On bad roads and inexperienced hands, this same Piazza will frighten a lot more people."

The Holden Piazza was released in July 1986 for $34,500 Australian Dollars.The only option ever offered was a 4-Speed automatic for $1500. Price was dropped three or four months later by $5000 to increase sales. All people who had bought one up to then had $5000 refunded. Total Sales were between 200 and 300 (as far as I can find out) Approximately 100 or so left in Australia (although there are imports from Japan and Asia coming in)


Engine type 4 cylinder, in-line
Bore x Stroke 87 x 82 mm
Capacity 1994cm3
Head Alloy
Induction Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection with IHI Turbo
Compression 8.2:1
Fuel Pump Electric
Valve Gear Cog Belt driven SOHC
Power 110kW at 5400 RPM
Torque 225Nm at 3000 RPM
Max RPM 6500 RPM
Specific Power 55.1kW Litre

Five Speed Manual driving Rear Wheels with Single Dry Plate clutch
Limited Slip Diff Standard

	Ratios	km/h per 1000rpm
1st	3.42		8.0
2nd	1.86		14.7
3rd	1.36		20.1
4th	1.00		27.4
5th	0.78		35.2
Final	3.91
Suspension - Front
Double wishbones, coil springs, gas shocks and anti-roll bar

Suspension - Rear
Live axle located by five trailing links, panhard rod, coil springs and 
anti-roll bar

Alloy 6.05j x 14
Yokohama A509 P205/60/14

Front 249mm Ventilated Discs
Rear 267mm Discs

Power Assisted Rack and Pinion
turns lock to lock 3.1
ratio variable
turning circle 9.6m

Wheelbase 2440mm
Front track 1355
Rear track 1360
Overall length 4310
Overall width 1655
Overall height 1300
Ground clearance 155
Curb weight 1282 kg
Pwr/weight ratio 11.6 kg/kW
Fuel tank 58 litres
Cooling system 7.7 litres
Engine sump 3.7litres
Battery (V/Amps) 12/60
Alternator (Amps) 60

Standard features
Alloy Wheels
Adjustable Steering
Air Conditioning
Central Door Locking
Road Speed Variable Intermittent Wipers
Power Steering
Power Windows
Remote Mirrors
Cruise Control

0-60 kph 3.9 sec
0-80 5.5
0-100 8.6
0-110 9.6
0-120 11.1
0-130 13.5
0-140 16.5
Standing 400m 14.51
Top speed 197 kph

Fuel consumption
10.5 L/100km (City)
7.8 L/100km (Highway)

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